RoboSTEAM - Integrating STEAM and Computational Thinking development by using robotics and physical devices

What is RoboSTEAM?

European project co-funded by Erasmus + KA2 – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices. Strategic Partnerships for school education


Integrating STEAM and developing computational thinking. The project will provide frameworks and tools to facilitate learning actions that develop those competences but also that allows assessing their acquisition


Innovative practices in the digital era by applying challenge based learning approaches to address integrating STEAM and computational thinking development and using robots and physical devices to do it


Exchange of experiences and challenges between schools in different socioeconomic contexts, through two pilot cycles


f As part of the project mission ROBOSTEM will offer to schools and teachers a complete set of tools, activities, guides and support to manage the implementation of STEAM challenges. This instrumens will be available in ROBOSTEAM Enviroment.


Working to improve education

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